The Fingal 50m Open will take place on the 18th and 19th of March in the Fingal Sporting Club range. 

Detail Times:

Sunday: Prone Competition (60 shots)

Detail 1: 10:30 (Sighting/Prep: 10:15)

Detail 2: 12:00 (Sighting/Prep: 11:45)

Detail 3: 13:30 (Sighting/Prep: 13:15)


Monday: 3p Competition (3x40)

Detail 1: 12:00 (Sighting/Prep: 11:45)


Bookings to be made through this website. Please click here to book a detail. 


Entry Fee:



Overall prizes and class medals (based on 60 competition shots) will be awarded for the prone competition .

Overall prizes and class medals will be awarded for the 3p competition.

Competition timings will be as per the ISSF Rules and Regulations 2017 (7.7.4).



Fingal Sporting Club,

Hollywood Great,


Co. Fingal

Google Map  

GPS: 53.5623804,-6.0770559