NTSA National Standard Pistol Championships 2009
To be held at the Indoor Range: Rathdrum Rifle and Pistol Club,
Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow.

Sunday 15th November 2009
Championship: 60 shots at 25 metres
To be shot using .22lr calibre semi-automatic target pistol with five shot magazine or .22lr calibre revolver with five shot capacity (larger magazine or revolver capacities must be loaded with five shots only before each series).
Entry Fee: €20
Prizes for 1st to 3rd in Championship
Course of fire:
  • 5 sighters in 150 secs,
  • 4 series of 5 shots in 150 seconds each,
  • 4 series of 5 shots in 20 seconds each,
  • 4 series of 5 shots in 10 seconds each.
  • There will be a 60 second loading period and 7 second attention period before each series.
  • There will be a two (2) minute preparation time before each detail.
  • Details will last approximately 30 minutes each.
Targets used will be ISSF Precision 25m (200mm aiming mark, 50mm 10 ring) on the Megalink electronic target system.
Ties (from 4th place) to be broken by highest number of inner tens, countback and highest number of 10’s, 9’s, 8’s etc. in that order. Ties from 1st to 3rd place to be broken by shoot-off in one 10 second series with a 150 second sighter series.
Sunday 15th November
Range Opens at 09:30
  • Detail A - 10:00 (course of fire as above)
  • Detail B - 10:45
  • Detail C - 11:30
  • Detail D - 12:15
To book a detail, go to www.rathdrumrpc.org and choose 'Book Detail' from the menu on the left. Follow the steps to book date, firing point/detail. Please remember to press the confirm button after submitting your details. Only available firing points/details will be displayed.
N.B. Please bring your license/authorisation and evidence of insurance. In accordance with SI No. 308/2009 this information must be recorded by the club. The NTSA advice on expired extensions should be followed.