Firearms Legislation in Ireland and Europe.


Draft Ranges SI
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This is the latest draft of the Ranges SI that has yet to be finalised and signed into law. There may be further changes to it, but for clubs and range operators, it should serve as a useful guide as to what the new regime will require.

Commissioners Guidelines (amended)
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The Garda Commissioner’s Guidelines as to the Practical Application and Operation of the Firearms Acts, 1925-2009. This is the amended document issued on 22nd October 2009. Changes to the original document are highlighted in red.

Minutes of FCP meeting 2015-10-29
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Minutes of the first meeting of the FCP on 29th October 2015

Minutes of FCP meeting 2016-01-28
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Minutes of the second FCP meeting held on 28th January 2016

Minutes of FCP meeting 2016-04-05
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Minutes of the third FCP meeting held on 5th April 2016

Minutes of FCP meeting 2016-07-18
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Minutes of the 4th FCP meeting held on 18th July 2016