NTSA 10m Air Pistol National Championships 2012



Peter Friend (Addiscombe RC) is the National Champion for 2012 with a total of 647 points in an evenly scoring final in UCD on Sunday 2nd December.

Joe Thompson of UCDRC medalled in second place with a score of 632.5 and Caroline O'Brien took bronze with a total score of 627.5.

Full results will be posted later.

We wish Peter and Caroline all the best at the upcoming RIAC (Luxembourg) competition on the 12th - 16th December.

NTSA wishes to thank the UCD Rifle Club for the use of the range and a special thanks to John Lancaster and Joe Thompson who, as well as competing in UCD rifle and NTSA pistol events on the day, also looked after the range set-up.

Some photographs of the medal presentations and during the competition - click on the thumbnails for larger images:

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