Firearms Legislation in Ireland and Europe.


EU Directive 185/2010 on Aviation Security.

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Firearms Certificate Amendment/Cancellation Form

Firearms Acts 1925-2009
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This is a restatement of all the Firearms Acts and amendments from 1925 to 2009. Each subsequent piece of legislation has been inserted into the original Act in such a way as to allow the whole to be read as one Act with all amendments and repeals made etc. This restatement was first made in December 2007 and has been updated regularly. Current version is 3.0 and includes the amendments inserted by the Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009.

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Form FRPC1 - Firearms Shooting Range / Pistol / Rifle Authorisation Application.

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Firearms Certificate Application Form

SI 21/2008 + SI 337/2009
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An amalgamation of the two restricted firearms and ammunition SI's for ease of access. All amendments are highlighted in red with the removed parts highlighted in grey.

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Application form for firearms certificate for non-residents